Our Faith

welcome-our-faith-kidsYou may ask, “Who Are the Episcopalians?”

As Episcopalians, we are members of a diverse national and international community. Christ Church is a parish within the U.S. Episcopal Church and is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. Our liturgy is celebrated throughout the world in the language of the people.

We are baptized Christians, who strive to love our neighbors as ourselves and respect the dignity of every person.

As a community of faith, we value the role of clergy and lay people, each playing a vital role in the governance and ministry of the church.

Our faith stands on the foundation of scripture, tradition, and reason.  We understand reason to be both intellectual inquiry and our lived experience. Our liturgy retains honored ancient traditions but speaks to today’s world. Our primary sacraments include Holy Baptism and the celebration of the Eucharist (sharing of bread and wine). Other sacraments include: Holy Matrimony, Confirmation, Orders (ordination of deacons, priests and bishops), Reconciliation of the Penitent, Ministration to the Sick (anointing with oil and prayers for the sick/dying).  All of our prayers and liturgies, as well as An Outline of the Faith (catechism), can be found in the Book of Common Prayer.

We are contemporary in our thinking and actions. Our sermons, grounded in scripture, speak to our everyday lives. Our service connects to real areas of need in the world.

You will find that we, as Episcopalians, are open to questions about our faith, about God, and about the church.  By questioning and exploring, we discover more about our faith and we grow in relationship with one another and with God.