Rector’s Welcome


Greetings to you from Christ Episcopal Church in Needham, Massachusetts. I’m glad you found your way to our website.

My name is Nick Morris-Kliment, and I’m the Rector—that’s Episcopal-speak for “chief pastor” of this vibrant Christian community. On behalf of our congregation and staff, I welcome you.

We live in times that are confusing and anxious. It is important to find a place where our deepest longings and values are nurtured, where we are loved just for who we are, where we can serve others out of the best angels of our nature.

Whether you are checking out this website because you are looking for a church home, or because you already know Christ Church in some way, we look forward to connecting with you around your hopes and dreams.

At Christ Church, we value community … our own spiritual community and the many larger communities of which we are part. Individually and together, in worship and in service, we seek to love God and neighbor, as Jesus teaches.

In our actions, we strive to serve those in need in the wider community, to live in fellowship, and to work for peace.

In our worship, we value an open communion table, good music, and preaching that speaks to us where we are. We value providing opportunities for Christian learning for all ages.

I hope you will peruse our web pages and then join us for worship and fellowship.

Faithfully yours,