Community Art Gallery

Calling All Artists and Art Lovers

There’s an art gallery in Needham, at Christ Episcopal Church that is open to the public and presents work from artists of any age and faith, from novice to seasoned professional.

This is an amazing venue and it is yours at no charge. Share your talent with others and create connections to diverse communities. Solo and group shows are encouraged.

If your art has a price tag, we ask that you give at least 20% of your sales to a charity or cause of your choice, thus raising awareness in the community. Past donations have gone to, Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation, Every Mother Counts, Community Servings, Kids 4 Peace, Horizons for Homeless Children in Dorchester, Black Feather Horse Rescue, The Haiti Music School,, Silent Spring, and Riverside to name a few. Exhibits change every two to three months.

We are always looking for artists of all abilities and particularly from diverse populations and programs to share their work in our gallery. The exhibits are curated by expressive art therapist, Lucy Nims-LaFleche. If you would like to display your art, whether it be photos, paintings, printing, drawing, or fiber art, please contact Lucy:

The physical gallery is in the church’s Upper Parish Hall at 1132 Highland Avenue and is open to the public Mondays through Fridays from 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM and Sundays from 9 AM – noon. Please drop by and see beautiful, thought provoking art; it will brighten your day. Then, spread the word!

Binding and Loosing in the Anthropocene

Artist Statement: I live in the most rural town on Cape Cod, a place where people value, protect and seek to restore the natural environment. It’s impossible not to be aware, however, of the degree of environmental degradation that continues across the world at breakneck speed, in spite of a scientific understanding of the climate impact. We have been warned over and again.

The looming crises over land, water, population migration, and food production threaten not only political freedom but the freedom from want of basic human needs. But I remain hopeful. As much as humans can shred the fabric of nature we also have the capacity to bind it up. If we can find the will. My work is inspired by the rural woods, ponds, and seashore in which I live. I play with the concepts of unraveling and mending in my printmaking to underscore that what humans have despoiled can be mended. I contrast found natural materials with hard-edged geometric shapes to underscore the reality that the natural world and human society live cheek by jowl and that we must find a way to make that juxtaposition work if we are to avoid the worst of climate degradation and its inevitable injustices. Recently, in keeping with the theme of mending, I have added threadwork to my prints, creating texture and dimensionality and underscoring the handiwork of repair.

I also think art can just be fun. The Phil and Marge start a life collage series grew out of a 14-day creative exercise. I selected a vintage wedding photograph for its inscrutable banality and created a new piece with the photograph every day for 14 days. Each piece has a distinct life of its own despite the fact that each is based on the same image.

Edouard Fontenot
P.O. Box 457
Truro, MA 02666