Stewardship Campaign

The following is excerpted from The Rev. Nick Morris-Kliment’s  October 2017 Annual Stewardship Appeal letter to the parish, inviting all to join in a Journey toward Generosity.


Why do you love Christ Church?  I posed that question last spring.  Every week since then, answers have been printed in the bulletin and eBlast.  Each response tells a story of gratitude for the transformative love of God in this place, in our lives and the lives of others.

Our gratitude is the soil in which generosity grows.  Our gratitude nurtures the journey toward generosity we are all taking.

So many of us are generous with our time and talents, as we participate in the myriad ministries of Christ Church.  Thank you.

We also express that generosity in financial terms when we respond to the invitation to pledge in the Annual Stewardship Appeal.  Your pledge changes lives – it sustains the story-making, life-giving, gratitude-growing work of Christ in this place and beyond.  It empowers the Christ Church community to love God and neighbor as Jesus teaches.  It equips the community to support the clergy and lay leaders in our ministries of worship, outreach, pastoral care, Christian formation, newcomers, fellowship, stewardship, and building care. A generous response to this appeal is critical in supporting our two full-time clergy and excellent staff, as well as responsibly maintaining our house of worship and the gathering spaces we liberally offer to the wider community.

Wherever you are on the Christian journey, we invite you to grow here at Christ Church.  Your pledge changes lives.  Thank you for your generosity.


Further information on pledging may be found here.  Our online pledging page may be found here.