How Firm a Foundation: Our Annual Appeal for 2021


Greeting, Friends.

For months now as we have approached the light at the library on Highland Avenue, we have noticed the banner on our Church’s front lawn reminding us, “The building is closed, but the Church is open!” The COVID pandemic has affected many aspects of our daily life.  Each of us strives to remain positive and supportive in assisting one another during these challenging and uncertain times.

Likewise, our clergy, staff, Vestry, and members of the congregation work tirelessly to maintain the community and mission of Christ Church. Despite the challenge of not yet being able to gather in person for worship, there is no better example of this effort than the weekly online worship that connects us as we pray together.

Every fall, we ask the parish to prayerfully consider a pledge to financially support the mission of Christ Church in the coming year. The negative impact of the pandemic on the church’s operating budget makes this year’s appeal especially important. Our two most important tenants closed down this year, eliminating crucial income.

While we seek new tenants, generous pledges—the primary source of our annual budget—are critical to sustaining our mission. Through worship, outreach, fellowship and hospitality, Christian formation, pastoral care, property and technology, we love God and neighbor as Jesus teaches.

Of special concern this year is maintaining funding for the section leaders in our choral program; hiring a part-time person to foster the Christian formation of our children and youth; and increasing technological support for on-line worship and programming.

Thank you for your gifts to Christ Church in the past. Would you consider joining the lively community of Christ Church pledgers this year? There is information elsewhere in this mailing to learn about pledging, and to help you and God decide what works best for your household. You can pledge by visiting our website or by completing the pledge card in this packet.

In considering your 2021 pledge, perhaps we may reflect on Hymn 637, “How Firm a Foundation.” In verse two, we sing, “Fear not, I am with thee; O be not dismayed! For I am thy God and will still give thee aid;” As we conclude our 125th year, we know ultimately Christ has always been the bedrock upon which our foundation stands. But each of us—parishioners, clergy and staff—is a living stone in the Christ Church foundation.

Will you shore up that foundation and make a pledge to Christ Church this year? Your pledge keeps the foundation strong, able to weather any storm, including a pandemic.

Pledge online. View the suggestions for proportional giving. Read the frequently asked questions. Click  here to watch the video from our Stewardship Team.

We are deeply grateful for your place in this wonderful parish. Thank you for your generous support.

Faithfully yours,

Duff Lingard and Kim Rocco,
for the Stewardship Team including Jean McCarthy and Phil Trussell

Read a PDF of this letter here.



 A Stewardship Prayer for 2021: How Firm a Foundation

Almighty and ever-living God, whose glory fills the heavens,
whose Spirit animates the earth: we praise you for the wonder of life.
Your love is the firm foundation of all that is.
All that we are, and all that we have, comes as your blessing.
Reveal in us the well of gratitude that
nourishes our life together.
Even in the midst of pestilence and discord,
inspire in us confidence in your provision.
As we seek your will for the mission of
Christ Church in the coming year,
Enliven in us your call to be faithful stewards of your bounty.
Remind us to recognize your goodness by sharing our
resources to shore up the foundation of
your kingdom, in which we are living stones; where we love you
and our neighbor as Jesus teaches;
in whose name we pray. Amen.