Rector Search Committee and Update

March Update

The Search Committee is optimistic as our search continues. We continue to meet weekly as we narrow the field of candidates. After our detailed review of the many letters, resumes, and applications from our original pool of candidates, we selected those whom we wished to pursue further. At that point, we requested additional responses to questions as well as sample sermons. We have completed our review of the items provided and again we have discussed in great detail each potential candidate. This enabled us to further focus our search, and now we are preparing to conduct telephone interviews. Following the telephone interviews, we will conduct in-person interviews and meetings. We are very encouraged by the large number of high quality candidates. We appreciate the congregation’s patience and understanding as we still have months of important work ahead

Who We Are and What We Do

The Christ Church Search Committee, commissioned by the Christ Church Vestry in January 2013, is committed to the important work of calling a new rector. We are a twelve member committee that meets weekly or biweekly, often with the help of a Diocesan search consultant. Our first task has been to identify the needs and aspirations of Christ Church members in order to create a profile of the parish. After the profile is submitted to the Diocese, the next step is to consider, visit, and interview candidates.

The steps in the search process are described more fully below:

The Self Study Process

  • Study the history, current life and vision for the parish
  • Create a Parish Profile

The Search Process

  • Fill out the Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) Community Portfolio and the Diocesan Information Sheet
  • Receive resumes and OTM Personal Portfolios from candidates
  • Send parish packages, including the Parish Profile, to selected candidates
  • Review candidate sermons on tape/CD and questionnaires
  • Conduct telephone interviews and check references
  • Visit selected candidate parishes
  • Host finalists visiting parish
  • Recommend a final candidate to the Vestry

Search Committee Members

Bob Keener (co-chair)Eileen Mullen
Anne Marchant (co-chair)Christine Ruddy
Barbara BakerDave Serrano
Phil BergenJim Skypeck
Janet HarrisNancy Sterling
Kevin McGuireAlan West

The search for a new Rector is a spiritual process for our community, allowing us to honor our past as we seek God’s guidance for the future. We invite your prayers and ask you to join us in the prayer we have created for our committee.

A Prayer for the Search Committee

Good and gracious God, we come before you in a time of transition as we seek a new rector for Christ Church. Jesus taught us to “seek first the Kingdom of God” and we need your grace to place the wishes and desires of our congregation in Your hands. Help us to navigate the process in a spirit of hope, knowing that the Holy Spirit is ever present to guide and lead us in Your most holy will. God, send your blessings on our Search Committee as they work to find a pastor who will lead us, tend to us, and challenge us to be the best people we can be. When the journey seems long and our faith runs low, help us to remember that You walk with us always. Help us to be open to the stirrings of the Spirit and trust that all things will work out for our good. We ask this in the name of Your Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen