In Joy and Hope – 2022 Annual Giving Campaign

Stewardship (our management of and care for God’s many gifts) is a year-round concern. But every Fall (at start of new liturgical year), we devote time to an intentional and prayerful consideration of the needs of our congregation and church and our response to those needs. Stewardship means more than a purely financial commitment.  Stewardship is a spiritual discipline that reminds us that everything we have are God’s free gifts to us. With those gifts, we have a responsibility to use and share them in a way that gives glory to God and spreads God’s love to all people.

Our 2022 Giving Campaign, In Joy and Hope, launches Friday, October 29, 2021. Read the letter from Jean McCarthy and Kim Rocco, In Joy and Hope Co-Chairs, introducing this year’s giving campaign. Watch this short video from Jean and Kim (with a special appearance from Baby Owen) to hear what has brought them joy and hope at Christ Church.

Knowing our level of financial resources the church for the year allows the Vestry to make budget decisions. These include plans for the level of quality staffing, the depth of our Christian education program, the extent of our outreach programs, and the ability to sustain our music program. It also allows us to meet our obligations to the diocese.

Why is estimated giving important and why can’t I just contribute week by week as I choose?

Giving is about making a commitment. Not just a commitment to Christ Church but to God. Giving is a way of thinking that I will make God a top priority each week and not an afterthought. Giving is also a way of stating that I am a significant and valuable part of the church congregation and I want to do my part to see that the church remains vital and vibrant in all of its ministries.

What happens to my gift?

Your gift helps the church treasurer, the Vestry and the Finance Committee establish its mission goals for the coming year. These goals include plans and funding for outreach, education, pastoral care, worship, property maintenance and operations.

How much should I give?

The answer is determined by the way in which each person (or family) counts his/her blessings and how he/she wishes to respond to God with grateful thanksgiving. The decision is a personal and private one.

Who knows how much I give?

Ultimately, God is the one who knows the depth of your generosity in time, talent and treasure. On a practical level, the Church treasurer, stewardship chairs, wardens, and accountant have access to the information. They keep gifts in complete confidence.

Why can’t the church live off its endowment?

Christ Church does not have a large endowment, and we seek to use it prudently. Gifts become even more important during less prosperous times. The Vestry’s goal is to become less dependent on endowment draws to support the necessary maintenance and upkeep of the church property, plant and equipment. Our hope is to fund today’s church needs by today’s members.

What happens to our giving?

The largest areas of expenditure are church staffing, maintenance and improvement of the facilities, and program and outreach ministries.

How do I make a gift?

  • Fill out the EOG card (Estimate of Giving card) and return it to the Parish office.
  • If you have a Realm Account with the Parish, make your EOG online on Realm. (learn more about Realm here.)
  • Submit your EOG online through Realm without creating an account.