Planned Giving

“Find out how much God has given you and from it take what you need; the remainder is needed by others.” ~ Saint Augustine

Planned Giving is an effective means for you and your family to help ensure the vibrancy and sustainability of Christ Episcopal Church. It is also a major element in funding our long term financial goals. You may make a gift of cash, securities, or other assets such as a life insurance policy during your lifetime or make a bequest of such assets through your will. As a member of the Christ Church Planned Giving Society, your gift amount will always be kept confidential, unless you choose otherwise.

With your permission, your name will be added to the Planned Giving Society plaque in the Upper Parish Hall, along with the group of current and former parishioners and friends who have remembers Christ Church in their will, trust agreement, or related legal or financial instrument.

Possible options to consider for Planned Giving may include:

Outright Gift

An outright gift during one’s lifetime. Your gift is immediately available to support Christ Church, and every dollar you give is deductible for tax purposes in the year you make the gift. Cash, appreciated securities, and life insurance policies are examples of assets that may be used for this type of gift.


Your bequest is a gift identified in your will and deferred until one’s death. The bequest may be designated as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage of one’s estate. The value of your estate is reduced by the amount of the bequest, which may reduce your overall estate tax.

Life Income Gift

This option may provide lifetime income to the donor and named beneficiaries. At the time of your death or the death of your surviving beneficiaries, the gift goes directly to Christ Church. Three common ways of making a life income gift include contributing to a Pooled Income Fund, giving a Charitable Gift Annuity, and establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust.

Pooled Income Fund

With a contribution to a Pooled Income Fund, you are one of many donors purchasing a unit of a fund. Similar to a mutual fund, you earn a portion of the income earned by the fund, payable to you during your lifetime. Depending on the investment results of the fund, the income earned may vary from year to year.

Charitable Gift Annuity

By giving a Charitable Gift Annuity, you are guaranteed a fixed income from the annuity for the rest of your life, based on your age and life expectancy.

Charitable Remainder Trust

With larger gifts, a Charitable Remainder Trust may be established to provide for a life income gift. A trust instrument is established and funded with a portion of one’s assets. The donor has flexibility in establishing the amount of trust income which is desired from the trust. At the time of the donor’s death or the death of a named beneficiary, the trustee of the trust releases the funds in the trust to the church.

A Planned Giving Committee member can help you understand and consider which option may be appropriate for you. We will also offer to introduce you to the Episcopal Church Foundation that works with many congregations in serving as trustee and investment manager for the various life income gift options. We recommend that you consult with your attorney or financial advisor to determine the appropriate amount of your Planned Giving gift and the best option to make your contribution.

For more information about Planned Giving at Christ Church, please email or call the office (781) 444-1469 ext. 110.