Green Team

Solar panel installationChrist Church’s Green Team is reducing our environmental footprint.

Our first initiative was to “go solar”. We saw an opportunity to be better stewards of God’s Creation and also free up dollars in our budget for mission activities. Working with Sunbug Solar in 2013, we installed 94 Sunpower solar panels.  By signing a Power Purchase Agreement with the owner of our system, we paid no installation cost, and we purchase power at a reduced rate from the system owner.  Going “live” in January 2014, the system generated more than 38,000 kwhs of electrical power during the year (about 85% of our energy use), saving the church more than $2,000.  The agreement has the benefit of making the Church’s electrical costs lower and more predictable, as it locks in rates for the next fifteen years that are about 13% lower than 2013 rates.  In addition, the arrangement will provide free power following the initial 15 year period.

Bishop Roy “Bud” Cederholm and our congregation celebrated the installation of new solar panels in a dedication ceremony on Sunday, November 17, 2013. Bishop Cederholm sang praises and tossed blessed water onto the panels as part of the dedication. “As people of faith,” Cederholm said, “we are doing the moral, just, and right thing in moving to renewable, clean energy for a sustainable planet for our grandchildren and their children.”

We see the solar panel project as the tip of the energy-saving iceberg.  We have worked with NStar to conduct an energy audit and replace more than one-half of all lights with more efficient lighting. Currently, the team is getting quotes on energy-efficient windows and low-flow toilets. View the recent solar panel savings updates here.

If you are interested in learning more about the Green Team, or joining the team, please contact the church office.