Financial Support

We give joyfully in grateful response to all we have been given. Through members’ financial support, we directly fund our many outreach activities, educational programs, operations, and our contribution to the programs and operations of our Diocese.

Annual Giving

Annual giving contributes about 70% of the church’s budget. Income from gifts funds clergy and staff salaries; building maintenance; other operating and administrative costs; outreach programs and mission partnerships; educational programs and curriculum. We hold a pledge drive each fall as we plan for the upcoming budget year.  Learn more about givingSubmit your Annual Estimate of Giving online.

“Why do I give? I give because it reminds me of my countless blessings. It reminds me of the joys of three marriages – son, daughter and mine – at Christ Church. It reminds me of my first grandchild’s baptism at Christ Church. It reminds me of two beautiful and meaningful funerals celebrating the lives of loved ones.

“It reminds me of my love for our priests, past and present. It reminds me of friends and fellowship.  It reminds me of the needs of others. It reminds me of where I stand in my own faith journey.

“That’s why I give to Christ Church.” – Charles A. Ferrone

Planned Giving

Gifts of assets or bequests through wills provide a lasting commitment and legacy to Christ Church. These gifts also facilitate our long-term financial planning. If interested, learn more about Planned Giving opportunities.

Special Events

Christ Church hosts special events,  including our annual Holiday Gift Shop and silent auction,  to raise additional funds to support outreach programs  as well as contribute to church operating costs.  If you are interested in attending and/or donating items, please call the church office to learn more about these special events.