Grateful Hearts Reaching Out Annual Appeal for 2024

Grateful Hearts Reaching Out 2024 Annual Appeal


Sunday, November 5, 2023
Greetings, Siblings in Christ,

A few weeks ago, I attended a clergy gathering where the presenter challenged us “to be the Church.”

He reminded us that no other institution has the express purpose of being a place where people of all ages experience the love of God, and then live lives of purposeful service out of that love.
All year, we generously share our time and talents needed for a wide variety of ministries.

During the fall, we ask one another for the treasure that we also need to be the Church.

The Grateful Hearts Annual Appeal is our opportunity to share our financial resources to help us be the Church, to love God and our neighbor as Jesus teaches.

Our pledges support a unique, intergenerational organism. Where else but in the Church can we hear consistently of God’s love for us? Of the invitation to extend that love to others? Where else can we form community with others who seek to put God at the center of their lives?

Your pledge for 2024 funds the pieces that make all this possible. See #4 on the FAQ sheet for a rundown of how your pledge supports our ministries.

Please prayerfully consider your pledge using the materials in this email. Consider stretching beyond what you gave last year. Fill out the Pledge Card that you received in the mail or that’s at bottom of the FAQ sheet, and bring it to worship at 10am on Sunday, November 19 to be blessed. (You can also send the card in the mail or give online– you do not need a Realm account to pledge online) Join us for a festive brunch after the 10am service on that day (no 8:15 service), where parishioners and guests of all ages can enjoy one another’s company.

Thank you for your generous support of our common ministry.

Faithfully yours,
Nick +