4th-6th Grade: Bible Buffet, Church History, & More

Grades 4-6: A Multi-Faceted Approach To Christian Education

At Christ Church, our 4th-6th grade Church School program combines several different tools to provide maturing youth the skills they need to be full and informed participants in the wider parish community. This includes learning vital Bible skills (locating Bible citations, understanding supplemental resources), exploring Church History and liturgy, and engaging more deeply with core stories of our faith through advanced Godly Play practices.

Choosing A Bible: The Bible Buffet Approach

By the time they arrive in the Upper Elementary school program, many of our children are confident readers with the skills needed to begin honing their Bible mechanics, but we don’t just give each child the same Bible. Instead, our Bible Buffet approach encourages each young person to consider what makes our sacred text compelling to them.

Do they want to explore maps and timelines? Would illustrating and journaling about the text help them engage? How do different translations help 0r hinder them?

Following a period of exploration and observation, our young people are presented with the Bible that fits them best – and that makes learning to use it and turn to scripture more exciting (and more likely!) than just giving each child the same Bible. It also honors their unique approaches to learning, their particular interests, and serves to highlight the gifts God has given them

Godly Play – And Then Some

Godly Play is a powerful way of engaging with the Christian story and language system throughout all phases of life, but for our upper elementary students, their familiarity with the core Godly Play materials means that they’re ready to go deeper. To meet this need, this class engages with “side-by-side” and synthesis stories, compare Godly Play depictions with different Bible translations, and more.f

Meet The Ministries

An important part of participating in Christian community and developing a mature faith is exploring lay ministry – because we are all called to participate in ministry based on our unique gifts. With this in mind, our upper elementary Church School group is encouraged to explore different ministries, including singing with the choir, serving as a lector, being an acolyte, or assisting with the altar guild.

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