Enjoy our Advent Taizé Evening Prayer from November 8

Watch the service below, on Facebook, or on Youtube.

Please join us  this Sunday, November 8 at 4:30 p.m. for an Advent Taizé Evening Prayer. Watch the service LIVE on our homepage or Facebook OR join us in the Main Sanctuary. Guidelines allow for 15 attendees and prior registration is required. Please register here. To follow along, please download the bulletin.

We are exploring an “Extended” Advent season of seven weeks rather than four, which was in fact, the original way the Church celebrated.  Sometime in the seventh century, for reasons that are obscure, the Church in Rome put in place a four-week Advent, leading to Christmas.  We at Christ Church are restoring Advent to its rightful seven weeks, beginning on November 8 with an evening Taizé worship service.  Dozens of candles and icons set the scene in the dimly lit church.  The worship of Taizé is marked by simplicity, consisting of repetitive singing and periods of silent meditation of the assembled community.  Since we will be worshipping online, our community extends far beyond the confines of a building.  We will meet on ccneedham.org or our Facebook page to come together as one.  Put aside your worries and take time, just for you, to center your mind, body and spirit through song and prayer.

Taizé is a monastic community in southeastern France. It was founded in 1940 with the mission of healing the divisions between Christians and within the human family. This community seeks to create an environment where reconciliation can be a reality every day.  Thousands of Christians from all over the world, young and old, gather at Taizé every week to pray, to search, to sing, and to find refreshment and renewal.  Brother Roger of Taizé said, “Prayer is a serene force … to enable our loved ones to survive, to transform the human condition, to make the earth a place fit to live in.”   May you find peace and renewal at Christ Church’s Advent Taizé Service.