See Common Art Show at Community Gallery

The Community Art Gallery at Christ Church is honored to display the exuberant work of unhoused and low-income artists from the Common Art program in Boston. We warmly welcome visitors of all ages and groups of all sizes to view the art and consider purchases.

Common Art is a program of Common Cathedral, which provides space, materials and caring support staff to support individuals as they develop their artistic abilities. People who live in shelters, rooming houses, on unclaimed couches and benches, and on Boston’s streets, gather every Wednesday at Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street to draw, paint, sculpt, make crafts and share with other artists in like circumstances.

For most members, Common Art is a singular chance to express their artistic gifts. For some, art is a professional path, interrupted and suspended by calamity and homelessness. For others, its an opportunity to express unheard opinions, ideas and truths. For still others, its pure joy, an oasis of form and color in otherwise dry times. For all, its a simple and welcome relief from daily difficulty.

The Common Art show will continue at Christ Chruch through February 3. The Community Art Gallery is open Monday–Friday from 9:00 AM–2:00 PM and Sundays from 9 AM–noon.