How Can We Better Love Our Neighbors?

Prayer is a not a substitute for action, but a precondition for it. In the wake of yet another season of brutal, hate-saturated killings, the understandable temptation for each of us is to imagine that there is little we can do, so why bother? Inaction is precisely the evil that we ask God to deliver us from in the Lord’s Prayer. Right here, right now, it is possible for each of us to avoid inaction and to do something in this “time of trial.” Together, if each one of us clicks on one of more of these sites to learn more about what we can do to stop this violence, we can do something. Together, let’s click and see how much we can do. Together, let’s love our neighbor in this way.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Moms Demand Action

Everytown for Gun Safety