Study Buddies … Going Strong thru Year 5

With kids’ interests and attention turning away from Social Studies and compound fractions and more toward days at the playground, Christ Church Study Buddies volunteers are also closing their books on another school year. Each week, a small group of volunteers has ventured to the Church of the Holy Spirit in Mattapan, often twice a week, to help 3-6 graders with arithmetic, science, language arts… and even “Romeo & Juliet.” Like all kids, they are anxious for guidance and help as many now face the anxiety of MCAS testing.

While the Study Buddies ministry can be challenging, it is extremely rewarding to see kids formerly struggling with long division and vocabulary words now make the Honor Roll and, according to their teachers, consistently “Exceed Expectations.” If you’d like to become a Study Buddy this coming fall, be sure to contact Barbara Baker or Harding Ounanian, Jr. It’s your opportunity to make an impact.