Come As You Are, Go in Peace …

… This invitation captures the spirit of Simple Sunday Evening Worship, an innovative and informal worship service that began January 7 at Christ Church. The 35-to-40-minute service, held every Sunday at 5:30 pm in the chapel, provides a family-friendly option to people of all ages. It includes scripture, hymns, a homily, prayers and communion. The service will be held every Sunday until June 11, except Easter, including long weekends.

Attendance at the first service was robust. Afterward many expressed their enjoyment and said it worked well for their schedules. Steve Sussman played piano and Myra Anderson served at the altar alongside Pastor Nicholas Morris-Kliment.

Rev. Morris-Kliment said all “jobs”–such as serving on the altar, greeting and reading– are open to all. He asked anyone interested to get in touch with him.

“The 5:30 Sunday evening service was very nice,” said Ingrid Melvin. “I love the intimacy of a chapel service but with humans.”

The Carnahan family also attended. They commented that the service was “the perfect way to enter the new week, recharged and refreshed. Both the chapel and the service were warm and inviting for the 30 people that gathered to share in the joy. The great acoustics of the chapel, coupled with Steve Sussman’s piano playing, made for a beautiful pairing with Nick’s gentle yet engaging sermon. Jack (13 years old) told us at the end of the service he would give it a Trip Advisors rating of 5!”