Knitting Love, Comfort, Peace of Christ

A wonderful, unique and rewarding morning on the first Monday of each month awaits you! Join a dozen for so women – beginners, intermediate and advanced knitters – in the Memorial Room while working on prayer shawls for folks in need of comfort, hats for the MANNA community, and/or squares which will eventually be woven into afghans for the Circle of Hope and be distributed to various homeless shelters.

This ministry was started many years ago by Rev. Mally Lloyd while she was working at Christ Church. Prayer shawls are knit with yarn provided by the individual knitters, blessed by the clergy when they are finished, and given to parishioners as well as friends and families, regardless of their religion or location.

Patterns using worsted yarn are available for both the shawls and the hats. Extra yarn and a variety of needles are available for each of these projects.

Conversations at these gatherings are unique and entertaining, ranging from stories by Bea Dagdigian, Marcia White and Betty Canning about life growing up in Needham to amusing antics of the cat owners, frustrations of following various diets, and details about giving automobiles away to various charities! We recently learned from Marcia that if one is knitting without a ruler handy, one should just pull out a dollar bill – lengthwise, it is 6 inches long, and folded in 1/2 it is 3 inches! Anyone is welcome to join these unsung heroines (and heroes if they want to try something new!) in creating and bringing the love, comfort, and peace of Christ to others in all corners of our world. The next gathering will be Monday, February 6th at 10am in the Memorial Room. If you have any questions, please contact Bea or Linda! A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to the MANNA Blanket Drive. As a result of your outstanding generosity, we were able to order 1,100 Mylar blankets for the homeless clients we serve at the Monday lunch program at the Cathedral in Boston. Please read the thank-you note that the MANNA folks sent which is posted in the Upper Parish Hall.

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