Join us in Cooking and Delivering Meals at Cathedral

With 60 active participants at Christ Church, we make and serve meals to 150  homeless people in Boston. Nancy Lankford, one of our Monday Lunch Program leaders, gives us an update on this important Ministry:

I want to bring everyone up to date with what is happening with the largest ministry at Christ Church. This is the one which has more than 60 active participants who donate the food, and on a Sunday morning some of them prepare it for delivery to the Cathedral of St. Paul in Boston. There it is assembled and served by some of us the next day at the Monday Lunch Program, which is on the second Monday of every month. Our guests, who are mostly homeless or under-housed folks, get to have a healthy hot lunch followed by bananas and delicious baked finger desserts contributed by our special team of bakers. As they leave, we offer each guest a bagged sandwich and juice to take along for a hearty snack later in the day.

It is now just over a year since the Monday Lunch Program returned to the Cathedral after about a year and a half when we were relocated to a smaller church nearby while very extensive renovations took place at St. Paul’s. Those improvements include the kitchen and Sproat Hall where lunch is served, which now has more seating space and is really quite lovely. Now there is even good space for our colleagues from Christ Church to display and give away much needed clothing items in a warm, personalized and dignified way to many, many guests. It took a while for folks to find us back in our new digs, but lately we seem to have more guests than we have ever had, consistently serving more than 150 people each second Monday.

We have had several new people taking part in Shelter Cooking in the past year and there is always room to welcome more. There are many different ways to be involved with varying time commitments, and we range from children to seniors, and include both males and female. The rewards are far reaching and sometimes surprising. We are in the process of expanding the model of leadership of this ministry by having a small group of us sharing the coordination and oversight. This group now includes Julia Baker, Gwen and Jim Brown, Ron Dennenberg and Joanna Starr, Rosemarie Rappold, Linnea Wren and me, Nancy Lankford. There is room in that group to grow as well. Please contact me at or anyone in this group if you would like anymore information.

Nancy Lankford