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Presiding Bishop Calls on Trump to maintain refugee resettlement efforts

Presiding Bishop Curry makes a plea to President Trump to continue to accept refugees into the U.S. and  reminds us that refugee resettlement work is a cherished ministry in the Episcopal Church.  “We ask that we continue to accept as many refugees as we have in the past, recognizing the need is greater than ever. We ask that refugees from all countries receive consideration to come to the U.S. and not to ban those who come from countries most in need of our assistance, ” states Curry.
Both Curry and the Rev. E. Mark Stevenson, Director of Episcopal Migration Ministries, also spoke out about President Trump’s directives to put restrictions on the estimated 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States. To learn more, Click here or paste the following link in your browser.

Helping our Parish Friends in Lazile, Haiti

After the destructive and deadly Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti on October 4, 2016, Christ Church sprang into action raising funds to help meet the needs of our sister community in Lazile, which was hit hard.

The first request we met was for immediate food for 35 families (about 210 people). By October 13th, we had an estimate from Jean-Rony (lay leader) detailing the rice, bean paste, and cooking oil needs of the community, along with an estimate of the cost. Our very first week of fundraising brought us $1800. On October 19th, $900 was sent to Fr Milor to cover the food costs. Due to very heavy rains, the large bags of rice and cases of cooking oil could not be brought up the mountain for the October 23rd service. Father Milor traveled up by Moto (motor bike) in the mud, and had a fall off the Moto— he was bruised, but no bones were broken. By October 30th, the service for All Saints Day, the food was brought up (by truck) and distributed. Attached are pictures of the large bags of rice purchased—20, 55 lb bags (1100 pounds of rice!). In addition, five cases of cooking oil (120 bottles) and five jars bean paste (Marmite), enough for 170 people.

The next task was replacement of roofing (metal sheets) for the school, church member’s homes, and the existing church. The metal sheets, nails, lumber, transportation and labor costs by truck up the mountain were calculated. On November 4th, an additional $2155 was sent to cover these expenses (part by MoneyGram to speed completion of school repairs, the rest by bank wire, which takes 7-8 days to clear to Haiti).

By late November, we had the cost estimate for seed to replace the corn and bean crops (there are other crops, but those are the staples). The request was to provide seed for all the families in Lazile, not just the members of St Luc’s church. Pastorally, St Luc’s church leaders wanted to reach out to the members in the community around them— about 150 families in total. After discussion with Fr Milor and others, we met their request with $3600—all 70 farmers from St Luc’s will receive five buckets of bean seed and three of corn, for a total of $2402 spent for St Luc’s farmers. The other community farmers (about 80) will receive $1200 in aid, which could be spent completely on a full corn crop. Money was sent December 12th ($3600 total).

Fr Milor has expressed his thankfulness to Christ Church’s heartfelt generosity for his congregation at St Luc’s Lazile. Donors include many folks who have never been to Haiti but are obviously moved by the stories they have heard. He expresses that he is moved by our caring for their community, and hopes to visit us again to tell us, in person. In total we provided about $6600 in assistance. Truly, this was accomplished by the grace of God.

Knitting Love, Comfort, Peace of Christ

A wonderful, unique and rewarding morning on the first Monday of each month awaits you! Join a dozen for so women – beginners, intermediate and advanced knitters – in the Memorial Room while working on prayer shawls for folks in need of comfort, hats for the MANNA community, and/or squares which will eventually be woven into afghans for the Circle of Hope and be distributed to various homeless shelters.

This ministry was started many years ago by Rev. Mally Lloyd while she was working at Christ Church. Prayer shawls are knit with yarn provided by the individual knitters, blessed by the clergy when they are finished, and given to parishioners as well as friends and families, regardless of their religion or location.

Patterns using worsted yarn are available for both the shawls and the hats. Extra yarn and a variety of needles are available for each of these projects.

Conversations at these gatherings are unique and entertaining, ranging from stories by Bea Dagdigian, Marcia White and Betty Canning about life growing up in Needham to amusing antics of the cat owners, frustrations of following various diets, and details about giving automobiles away to various charities! We recently learned from Marcia that if one is knitting without a ruler handy, one should just pull out a dollar bill – lengthwise, it is 6 inches long, and folded in 1/2 it is 3 inches! Anyone is welcome to join these unsung heroines (and heroes if they want to try something new!) in creating and bringing the love, comfort, and peace of Christ to others in all corners of our world. The next gathering will be Monday, February 6th at 10am in the Memorial Room. If you have any questions, please contact Bea or Linda! A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to the MANNA Blanket Drive. As a result of your outstanding generosity, we were able to order 1,100 Mylar blankets for the homeless clients we serve at the Monday lunch program at the Cathedral in Boston. Please read the thank-you note that the MANNA folks sent which is posted in the Upper Parish Hall.

Bea Dagdigian: Linda Bloom:

Enjoy Shrove Tuesday Pancakes and King’s Cake

Come and celebrate Mardi Gras  at Christ Church with a fun-filled evening for all ages! The annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper will be held on Tuesday, February 28th at 6:00pm. The Cuttyhunk Men’s group will reprise their role as the Fabulous Flapjack Flippers. Join us for activities, games, festive music, flapjack races, good food and great conversation. Will you be the one to find the surprise in the King’s Cake this year? The evening will conclude with a roaring bonfire to turn last year’s palm fronds into ashes for Ash Wednesday. It will be a festive night of fellowship at Christ Church – see you there! If you are interested in helping decorate, plan, or share a talent or game, please contact Kristin Auffermann at Everyone is invited! If you need a ride or assistance getting to/from church, please call the office.

Join Fellow Parishioners on Lenten Journey

Our priests, The Rev. Nick Morris-Kliment and The Rev. Jennifer Beal,  invite us to begin our annual Lenten journey on March 1, Ash Wednesday. As a congregation, we will focus this Lent on what it means to love our neighbor. As the disciples recall the teachings of Jesus, the heart of our commitment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength, and our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22; Mark 12, Luke 10).

Lenten Book Group:

More than ever, we need to love our neighbors across our differences. To encourage us in the basic Christian practice of loving our neighbor, Rev. Nick invites us to gather to read and live out the ideas of this engaging book: Small Things with Great Love: Adventures in Loving your Neighbor, by Margot Starbuck. For six weeks, beginning on Sunday, March 5, we’ll be challenged seriously, and with good-humored faithfulness, to more deeply love our neighbor. You can join a gathering on Sunday mornings after Church in the Memorial Room; or on Wednesday evenings starting with a simple supper at 6 p.m. in the Upper Parish Hall. (Please call or email the office by the Monday before if you intend to come for supper, so we can plan for food.) You can purchase this book on line, or from your favorite independent bookstore.

Lenten Retreat:

On Saturday morning, March 11, from 9 a.m. – 12 noon, we will take a few hours to rest in God together. We will commandeer the Chapel as our space to immerse ourselves in that space’s offerings, particularly its beautiful windows. Soak up the peace of God. Become submerged in God’s words or silence. Bring with you your tools for lightening your load. Come, steep in Christ’s light. The Rev. Jennifer Beal will lead this retreat.

Lenten Services:

March 1, Ash Wednesday – Services at 7 a.m. and noon in Chapel; Service at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary

March 5, Sunday, Lent I – Services at 8:15 in Chapel and 10:00 a.m. in Sanctuary, AND Evensong Service at 4 p.m. in Chapel

March 12, Sunday, Lent II – Services at 8:15 in Chapel and 10:00 a.m. in Sanctuary

March 19, Sunday, Lent III – Services at 8:15 in Chapel and 10:00 a.m. in Sanctuary

March 26, Sunday, Lent IV – Services at 8:15 in Chapel and 10:00 a.m. in Sanctuary

Pledge Your Support to Christ Church for 2017

Our deepest thanks to all of you who have responded to our Annual Appeal for 2017.

If you have not yet pledged, we encourage you to give as generously as you can in support of our Annual Appeal. Making a pledge in any amount is a sign of commitment that encourages us all to move forward together. Please join us in supporting our mission.

Annual pledging contributes about 70% of the church’s budget. Income from pledges funds clergy and staff salaries; building maintenance; operating and administrative costs; outreach programs and mission partnerships; and educational programs and curriculum.

If you are not really sure about what the ‘pledging’ talk is all about, please feel free to call Kathy, our Office Administrator, at 781-449-1469. She can provide you with a link to Pledging FAQ’s or put you in touch with one of the Stewardship Committee members.  She can also provide you with a card or electronic link to register your pledge.


Bishop Harris to Visit Christ Church – Jan. 15

Bishop Gayle Harris will visit Christ Church on Sunday, January 15, beginning with worship at the 10 a.m. service. She looks forward to meeting and greeting parishioners at the coffee hour (following the 10 a.m. service) and then will host a Q&A session to listen to and address your thoughts and questions. At 12:30, Bishop Gayle will join the Vestry for lunch.

Bishop Harris’ bio from the diocesan website:

Bishop Harris was ordained and consecrated a bishop in January 2003, and serves as a suffragan (assisting) bishop alongside the diocesan bishop, the Rt. Rev. Alan M. Gates.

She is the past vice chair of the Church Pension Fund Board of Trustees and has served on the Board of Directors of CREDO (a national resource program fostering Episcopal Church clergy leadership and wellness) and the Steering Committee of Bishops Working for a Just World.  She currently serves on the House of Bishops Pastoral Development Committee and the Board of Directors of the Episcopal Church Investment Group.  In the Diocese of Massachusetts she is vice president of Episcopal City Mission.  She also is the immediate past president of the Massachusetts Council of Churches and currently serves on its Working Board and Advisory Board.


Join us in Cooking and Delivering Meals at Cathedral

With 60 active participants at Christ Church, we make and serve meals to 150  homeless people in Boston. Nancy Lankford, one of our Monday Lunch Program leaders, gives us an update on this important Ministry:

I want to bring everyone up to date with what is happening with the largest ministry at Christ Church. This is the one which has more than 60 active participants who donate the food, and on a Sunday morning some of them prepare it for delivery to the Cathedral of St. Paul in Boston. There it is assembled and served by some of us the next day at the Monday Lunch Program, which is on the second Monday of every month. Our guests, who are mostly homeless or under-housed folks, get to have a healthy hot lunch followed by bananas and delicious baked finger desserts contributed by our special team of bakers. As they leave, we offer each guest a bagged sandwich and juice to take along for a hearty snack later in the day.

It is now just over a year since the Monday Lunch Program returned to the Cathedral after about a year and a half when we were relocated to a smaller church nearby while very extensive renovations took place at St. Paul’s. Those improvements include the kitchen and Sproat Hall where lunch is served, which now has more seating space and is really quite lovely. Now there is even good space for our colleagues from Christ Church to display and give away much needed clothing items in a warm, personalized and dignified way to many, many guests. It took a while for folks to find us back in our new digs, but lately we seem to have more guests than we have ever had, consistently serving more than 150 people each second Monday.

We have had several new people taking part in Shelter Cooking in the past year and there is always room to welcome more. There are many different ways to be involved with varying time commitments, and we range from children to seniors, and include both males and female. The rewards are far reaching and sometimes surprising. We are in the process of expanding the model of leadership of this ministry by having a small group of us sharing the coordination and oversight. This group now includes Julia Baker, Gwen and Jim Brown, Ron Dennenberg and Joanna Starr, Rosemarie Rappold, Linnea Wren and me, Nancy Lankford. There is room in that group to grow as well. Please contact me at or anyone in this group if you would like anymore information.

Nancy Lankford