Prepare Your Nominations for CEC Elections

Dear Parishioners of Christ Church,

Forget the muddled national elections for a moment and think about the important nominations and elections for our Church. Your Elections Committee is composed of Sue Conrad, Joe Barr, Kathryn Mortimer, and Alan West. We need to nominate a Warden for a 2 year term, 4 Vestry members for 3 year terms, 1 Vestry person for a 2 year term, Clerk for 1 year, and 2 Delegates each to the Diocesan Convention and the Charles River Deanery.

The following are ineligible for Vestry for 2017, as they will be completing their current terms at the upcoming Annual Meeting: Myra Anderson, Liz Dennett, Lee Eichelberger, Brian Horrigan and Ellie Wainwright. We thank them for their service.

The Vestry is a Christian learning and leadership community of 12 parishioners (plus 4 officers) wishing to work collaboratively with the Rector, clergy and staff in building and carrying out a vision for the Parish and to grow in faith; a group called to connect with members of the parish as visible leaders and shepherds; a team interested in offering leadership for the various ministries of the congregation; a body attending to the business affairs and property concerns of the parish.

Vestry members are expected to serve 3-year terms; attend monthly Vestry meetings (the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except for July or August); attend the Vestry retreat in February; be active in at least one ministry in the parish, and engage in other preparatory and leadership activities as needed. A Warden’s duties include the same duties as the Vestry and also meets regularly with the Rector to shape Vestry vision and agenda, to offer advise and counsel on parish affairs, and to attend to parish business as it arises. There are 2 Wardens who serve staggered, 2-year terms. The Clerk attends Vestry and Annual meetings, and records, edits and distributes meeting minutes. Serves a 1-year term. Delegates to Deanery and Diocesan Convention: attends Diocesan Convention the first Saturday in November, as well as a preparatory pre-Convention briefing, then report back to parish; attend meetings of Charles River Deanery, and report back to the parish. Serves 1-year term.

Please give thoughtful consideration when you nominate someone. We are only as strong as our leadership. It often takes a bit of gentle persuasion and more than one conversation. Make sure the person you have in mind is willing. Nick, along with members of the committee can help in this. The Annual Meeting is on January 29, 2017. It’s time to start now. We look forward to your help.

Sincerely, the Elections Committee

Sue, Joe, Kathryn & Alan