Join our Bible Study Groups this Fall

Wednesday Bible Study is a vibrant experience with The Bible. Our theme this year is “Love Actually, Actually” and we will use the text, “Strong as Death is Love” by Robert Alter to guide our discussion. Classes begin on Wednesday, September 21 and are offered at 10 a.m. to noon and 7 – 9 pm. You are welcome to join either class.

Although the jumping off point is the text itself, group discussion brings the passages we read into relevance to our lives today. By keeping to the theme of “Love Actually, Actually”, we will be thinking critically about the Bible books we read and what they tell us about love in our world today. The Book of Ruth is about an immigrant and the reception she is given in a foreign land, a timely subject for our time. The Book of Esther shows how a female can wield power, even if it means going against the husband she loves. Wrestling with the choices God presents to us is a major theme of the Book of Jonah, how to recognize God’s love for us even when we fall short of His vision for us. We will consider history, current research, and difficulties of translation to understand why and how these stories take the form they do. The goal is personal spiritual growth through broadened understanding.

You can purchase the book  “Strong as Death is Love” (Robert Alter) or  borrow it from the Minuteman Library Network.To prepare for the first class, if you have the time: read the book’s introduction, its introduction to the Book of Ruth, and the first two chapters of Ruth. You may also be interested in reading the Book of Ruth in your own Bible to compare with Alter’s translation.

Simply join class when you can; there is no need to sign up ahead of time for class.