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Christ Church Recruits Family/Youth Minister

We are actively recruiting a Family and Youth Minister to join our staff at Christ Church. We are seeking a person who establishes strong personal connections and rapport with young families and youth; is well versed in the Bible;  and can effectively communicate and explain the Scriptures in a manner that is understandable and relevant to all age groups. This position also includes mentoring in the pastoral, sacramental, and administrative breadth of the church.

This is a 32-hour/week position with compensation, pension and health benefits in accordance with the guidelines of the Diocese of Massachusetts. There exists the potential to make this position full time. The position requires imminent ordination to the transitional Diaconate or the Priesthood, and assumes a 2 to 3 year tenure. Preferred start date is no later than August 1, 2016.

Click here for a full job description, along with information on where to send your CV/Resume.



Wardens’ Message: “Poised for Growth”; 6 areas of focus

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

We are experiencing a time of many blessings here at Christ Church. Among these are the renewed energy and participation of so many parishioners during our Discovery Team process, which is being led by Nick, the Vestry and Discovery Team, and our Kairos consultants. Mining the treasure trove of information provided by so many of you through your survey responses, we have sharpened our focus on six important areas of parish life:

  • Worship: A Worship and Arts Committee will be forming to explore new ways to enliven our worship and to recommend an additional non-Sunday time for worship.
  • Staffing Plan: A Personnel/HR Committee has been formed to help streamline our staffing patterns, create job descriptions and clear employment policies, and recommend ways that volunteer help can support our staff.
  •  Leadership Training/Succession Planning: A current Ministry Organizational chart has been created, identifying nearly sixty current ministries. Opportunities for cooperation and collaboration, as well as regular contact among current leaders, are coming soon. Training for leaders to help them sustain and grow the ministries are being planned.
  • Communications: Better ways of using the bulletin, website and weekly e-blasts to spread information to our members are being explored. Increasing regular contact from our Vestry to our members is an ongoing effort.
  • Outreach: The top three issues identified through community panels and survey results are problems with isolation of elderly, lack of affordable housing and struggles of addiction and recovery with drugs and alcohol. The Vestry will consider ways we can become involved in these issues.
  • Newcomers: A Hospitality Team is being considered to create an ongoing effort to welcome and follow up with newcomers. A parish-wide training to augment these efforts is also being considered.

The Vestry has also been crafting vision language, drawing on the survey responses and the movement of the Spirit in Vestry meetings themselves, to be shared with the Parish. This language is intended to be a source of inspiration and guidance for the Christ Church community, as well as for those looking for a spiritual home, as we move into the future. The fruits of these labors will be steadily ripening in the upcoming months, as the rolling-out of new initiatives and the strengthening of many time-honored practices continues. Our Clergy and Vestry have adopted a short phrase that captures the position we hope these efforts will lead us to; that is, “poised for growth.” We are deeply thankful for your collective help so far and welcome the opportunity to work and worship together as we go forward.

We have also been truly blessed to have Lynn Campbell in our lives during the past nearly six years at Christ Church. While we feel some inevitable sadness as Lynn’s time with us winds down, we also share fully in the joy of knowing how well-prepared and excited she is to be accepting the post of Rector at St Peter’s Church in Weston, MA. The range and depth of relationships Lynn has built here among us is a gift she has given that we will continue to cherish as time goes on. Thank you, Lynn, for your love, energy, devotion, optimism and commitment. Our prayers and best wishes go with you!


Rich Gatto and Liz Dennett, Wardens

Presiding Bishop Curry shares vision on PBS News Hour

Speaking with Judy Woodruff on the PBS News Hour, Presiding Bishop Curry shares his views on his role in leading the Episcopal Church forward. A short excerpt of the conversation follows below:


Imagine if just Episcopalians were practically living their daily lives as reflections of the way Jesus of Nazareth lived his, loving in the same way that Jesus did and does, giving in the same way, forgiving, doing justice, caring, living compassionate lives.

I have a funny feeling Episcopalians could be transformative both in our interpersonal relationships and in our social and political relationships. What would happen if Christians just acted like Christians? It would change our politics. It would change our social order. It could change our global community.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Do you think our politics needs changing?

THE MOST REVEREND MICHAEL CURRY: Regardless of which side of the aisle you’re on — this isn’t a partisan statement — imagine our politics if we began to engage one another not from the perspective of my unenlightened self-interest, but from the perspective of our interests, the common good, the common weal.

Imagine our global politics. Imagine our economic relationships. It’s world-changing.

To view the full video clip, click here.