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Encountering the Reality of Homelessness in Boston

On a Friday evening last month, Emilie and Stan Hitron travelled from the comfort of Needham with a group of four young men, Confirmation students in our church, to downtown Boston. They set out to encounter the reality of homelessness in the city and the Gospel in action by participating in City Reach, a program to teach young people about homelessness and the ministry of our diocesan’s program for the homeless, Common Cathedral.

Below is a reflection from one of the students:

“I learned many things over the weekend of the city reach program. One thing that I took away from this experience is that many people are homeless, or have been in the past. You might be walking down the street, and you could see someone who is homeless, but you didn’t know it because of the way they dress, or look. Also, many of the staff of city reach were homeless at one point, and they really opened up to me and the people that attended about their lives. They told us how they don’t usually do this because they don’t know who they can trust or talk to. On the last day of the program, we wrote a prayer about what we learned and what we can do moving forward. One of the staff members helped us write this prayer and I still remember what he told all of us afterwards. He said that he wouldn’t be here without us, and that Michael Antaya meant so much to me because it made me feel like I helped him, and I impacted his life.”