We Need Your Voice … via “the Discover Survey”

We need your voice in shaping the future vision for Christ Church! Please share your thoughts by  filling out theDiscover Survey sent to your e-mail address. (This survey follows on the heels of the MAP survey, which helped us listen to members’ perspectives on Christ Church today).
If you would prefer a hard copy, please call or email the office. The survey is due by the Annual Meeting, January 31. Questions? contact Nick or a member of the Discovery Team (below). Thank you for your continued commitment to our congregation and its future.Our MAP survey helped us listen for where Christ Church is; theDiscover Survey will help us shape our shared vision

For the next six months, six parishioners (our Discovery Team) will guide the next phase of our strategic work, together with our clergy, the Vestry, and our consultant, Kairos. Our objectives are to create a shared vision, nurture generosity, and build leadership capacity. The parishioners are: Myra Anderson, Lyman Bullard, Rich Gatto, Alyssa Kence, Nancy Langford, and Ellen Volpe.

Please contact any one of them if you have questions or concerns. Stay tuned for regular announcements.