Respond to Survey … Your Vote Counts!

Members, our Mission Assessment Profile  survey is up and running. Please find 15-20 minutes to take this important survey.

Every member vote counts! Your Vestry would like a full view from all of our members, 18 and over. The objective is to determine how our members experience Christ Church’s mission, the effectiveness of ministry initiatives, and our capacity for moving forward in new and renewed ways.  

We encourage members to take the survey online. For those who do not have computer access at home, computers will be available at church. Hard copies will also be available for those who are not comfortable using computers. All survey responses will be anonymous.

We hope that by participating in the assessment, you will think about where God is calling us into ministry into the future—and help you celebrate the good things going on in our church today. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of this assessment and for helping to build our future.