Register for Church School

Parents, please sign up your children and teens for the 2015/16 Church School Program. Church School Registration formally opened on Sunday, September 13, with classes to begin on September 20. Programs include nursery care (infants to 4 years old), Children’s Chapel (pre-k to 2nd grade), Gather ‘Round (3rd-5th grade), Middle School (6th-7th grade) and Confirmation (8th grade).  To obtain registration forms, please call the church office at 781-444-1469. To learn more about our children’s education programs, go to the Learning section of the website or contact the Reverend Lynn Campbell.

We welcome new families and children to join our church school program at any point during the year.

Our religious education program nurtures our youngest members and engages and supports all of our children and teens as they learn and grow as disciples of Christ. Our educational goals are three-fold: to share a deep knowledge and understanding of the stories of the Bible, to engage our children and teens in the traditions and experience of prayer and Episcopal worship, and to foster a lifelong commitment to serving others and working for justice. We encourage families to register their children for Church School and to participate regularly.