Join us Sunday to hear about Habitat week!

“For our last day of work, I (Julia), Molly and Jim went to a home to finish up a project to prime and paint a shower. At the main worksite the rest of the group laid the plastic plumbing in the concrete slab of the foundation. A few others finished up a dry wall project in a home. We finished the day leveling out the gravel of the foundation. We are sad the week in West Virginia has ended. We all enjoyed working with our site leader, Chris, and Habitat for Humanity as an organization. Come to the 8:15 or 10 a.m. service on Sunday to hear us talk about the experience!” – Julia and Aidan (Click here to see pictures from trip.)

Youth paint foundation; meet homeowner

Thursday, April 23:

“Today parts of the youth group went to a separate work site to do repairs on a Habitat for Humanity home owner’s bathroom while others worked on a foundation on another house that has been worked on throughout the week.  During lunch a family who has already got a house from habitat for humanity told the group their story.  After the construction the group went to the Habitat for Humanity re-store. We met the man who would be getting the house once it is done.  After we went back to the house Jim cooked his famous barbecue. We finished off the day with evening reflection and we wrote letters to the supporters and donators of our trip.  It was a great day.”  -Hannah and Sean 

Youth install fence; go bowling for fun

Wednesday, April 22:

“Today, we accomplished so much using teamwork! We worked a half day at Camp Wood where we are staying (built a fence and a compost bin among other projects). We were able to tour the Greenbrier hotel, and learn about the history of the bunker underneath. We had a great time bowling this evening, and were able to create a lot of great memories”.-Hailey and Cora

Pouring Foundation on W.Va. Habitat House

Tuesday, April 21:

“Today we had a very productive day at the worksite. We spent the morning laying out the styrofoam mold for the foundation, and then spread the concrete in the afternoon. After a wonderful taco dinner, we headed back to St. Thomas Episcopal Church for an ice cream party and talk with Fr. Chris. It was so interesting to hear about his experiences growing up in WVa. and the problems that the state faces today. We can’t wait for another day of hard work tomorrow!” xoxo Lindsay and Elizabeth 

Measure, Cut, Build … at Habitat in W.Va.

Monday, April 20: 

From Molly and Mairead: “Hello everyone! Today was our 1st day working on the site! It was a gorgeous day. White Sulphur Springs is truly a beautiful place. At the site some of us fixed holes in the wall (installed new dry wall!). Others helped with the foundation of a new house and helped cut metal poles. Everyone is so welcoming and we’re so grateful to be here. We are having a lot of fun and are looking forward to the rest of the week.” 

Youth Group Arrives in Greenbrier County

Sunday, April 19: 

Update from Melissa Dunning and Abi Walsh: “After a long day of travel, we arrived in Greenbrier County, West Virginia on Saturday and have settled into our home for the week.   Today, soon after meeting Rose, the volunteer manager, she shared with us her experience of working hard and purchasing a home from Habitat for Humanity and it touched us and inspired us to work hard this week. We also went to the local Episcopal Church and all the people were so welcoming and made us feel right at home. We’re looking forward to starting work tomorrow!” 

Youth Group Hits the Road to Appalachia

Saturday, April 18:

They’re off! Our group of 16 high school students and 3 adult leaders boarded a plane today in Boston, headed to Philadelphia. There they will transfer to a flight to Roanake, Virginia. In Roanoke the group will travel in 2 vans into the mountains in eastern West Virginia, where they will be working with Almost Heaven Habitat for Humanity ( Over April vacation week, the missioners will re-build homes that are in disrepair and help build new homes for families living in an impoverished area of Appalachia.

Morning prayer and evening reflections are part of each day, with a chance for youth to reflect on the ways God is present as they follow in the example of Jesus by serving others. Each day brings a lot of laughs and joy as team members step away from the grind of school and take a break from their usual routines and social media. In addition to building, youth have time to explore the region, play board games, shop, cook meals together, and enjoy each others’ company. 

The Youth Group gratefully thanks the Christ Church congregation for their support. They have worked since September to raise funds for the trip.