Enjoy Uplifting Music of Eastertide

Music of Eastertide is as uplifting as the sounds of nature. During a worship service, notice the change of mood with regard to music. There is a sudden shift from the darkness of Lent to the brightness of Eastertide. Hymns and anthems now have an upbeat tempo and most songs are in a major key. Spirited and light are words that describe the music you will be hearing in worship service during Eastertide and Pentecost. The choir has some wonderful anthems yet in store for you. Looking back over the past year, the Choir has offered many styles of music. We learned about New England’s Shape Note singing, we chanted during Lent, we heard ‘rounds,’ antiphonal singing (call and response), ‘a cappella’ songs, as well as songs of the Masters, such as Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach. We heard harpsichord and an instrumental ensemble with Corelli’s “Christmas Cantata.” Music of contemporary composers and songs accompanied by flute, oboe, trumpet, cello, and hand bells have been included in our worship service. It is through song that we share messages and stories of love, healing, peace and unity. It is through song that we support each other in times of sorrow and in times of joy. We walk together, whether it is a walk in the woods or a spiritual walk with music. Both are perfect moments in time. 

Upcoming music:

April 26: Good Shepherd Sunday: Psalm 23 and variations of it will be spoken and sung. “Christ is Made the Sure Foundation” by V. Hoyle.

May 3: “I am the vine” by N. Warren

May 10: “I Give to You a New Commandment” by P. Nardone.

May 17: Choir Appreciation Sunday: “I Will Not Leave You Comfortless” and “The Song Arising.” Bruce Goody, flutist, will be with us. We will thank the Choir and other musicians who have helped make this past year such a memorable one. There are many people at Christ Church who have shared their music ministry with us. We thank you all!

May 24: Pentecost “Breath of God” by M. Schweizer.

May 31: Trinity Sunday: “Prayer to the Trinity” by M. Bedford and “Humbly, I Adore Thee” (Adoro devote) arranged by M. Schweizer.