2015 Stewardship Messages

Why pledge toward the mission of Christ Church for 2014/2015? Reflections from parishioners Tim and Kim Lysaght:

“So, why do we give our time, talent and treasure? Here is our top ten list:
10. Being on property committee allows you to get up during slow parts of the service and “check the heat, lights or sound system”
9. Singing in the choir counts as praying twice.
8. Teaching in children’s chapel allows you to learn what you were supposed to when you weren’t paying attention as a child.
7. When you are a Sunday school teacher, you get a fresh view of our faith from the perspective of a child.
6. Pledging helps your chances of getting into heaven – just sayin’ – it certainly can’t hurt.
5. A portion of each dollar you pledge goes towards outreach both locally and globally.
4. Your pledge is an estimate, not a commitment; it can be changed if your situation changes.
3. You are modeling behavior that you hope your children or grandchildren will emulate in the future.
2. The Lysaghts are increasing their pledge by 15% and you need to keep up!
1. Because what you give, you get back tenfold.
But on a more serious note, this church community has supported us in happy times and hard times. When Tim’s father died we were overwhelmed with the outreach that flooded us. This is truly a special church family. Being an active part of this community is helping our own children learn about what real love is. They have learned empathy, kindness, forgiveness… They are better able to face what lies ahead armed with these skills. Making church part of our family tradition (just as our parents did) grounds them and gives them shoulders to stand on, role models to follow and, hopefully, a desire to continue being part of a church community in their future adult lives.”