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Message from New Rector – “Behold, I do a new thing” (Isaiah 43.19)

Dear Sisters and Brothers of Christ Church,
Here we are again—the summer is winding down, and fall is on the horizon. For some, it’s the end of a season of relative freedom to determine our schedules. No more vacations to the beach or the mountains, or to some other desirable spot. For others, it means the welcome return of the school year routine (Parents of school-aged children, you know what I mean…) In the season of the Church year,we remain in Ordinary Time, which emphasizes the living out of our Christian discipleship in the everyday circumstances of our lives.
Yet each year, this time is a little different. Not only has the world changed, but we have changed as well. We are not exactly the same people, and our lives are not exactly the same. We have the opportunity to begin afresh, graced with new circumstances and opportunities.
Here at Christ Church, we are arriving at a familiar place – the beginning of another program year in a vital parish with a rich past and a vibrant future. But there also exists something brand new: a partnership between a new priest and a congregation, each given gifts and responsibilities for the ministry of Jesus Christ.
I couldn’t be more delighted to be among you as brothers and sisters in ministry in Needham and beyond, with the support of a talented and dedicated staff. I am grateful to the Search Committee for their dedicated service, and to the Vestry for extending this opportunity to me. My family and I look forward to making our home among the good people of this community.
The chief joy for me over these first months will be the time we spend starting to know one another: learning names, discovering mutual interests, sharing strengths and gifts, telling stories of what’s important in our lives — in short, beginning to build relationships in this portion of the Body of Christ. The Transition Committee has been busy planning opportunities for us to get to know one another. Stay tuned.
This new beginning is deeply exciting to me. It will build on what has gone before in the ministries of Skip and Bud and Harold and their predecessors. It builds on the wonderful interim work of Suzanne, the Wardens and Vestry, and staff. It builds on the power of God seen in the faithfulness of the people of Christ Church who participate in worship, care for one another, say their prayers, bring up their children in the knowledge and love of the Lord, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, study Scripture, invite people to church, who love God and neighbor with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.
The precise nature of the new thing that God will do among us remains to be seen. But as we get to know one another and listen for the voice of the Spirit among us, we will discover it. We do this new thing, God’s new thing, in the power of Holy Spirit, and we do it together.


Church School Registration – Ongoing

Parents, sign up your children and youth!  Church School registration continues through September. You will be able to register for nursery care (infants to 4 years old), Children’s Chapel (pre-k to 2nd grade), Gather ‘Round (3rd-5th grade), Middle School (6th-7th grade) and Confirmation (8th grade).  Church School will begin Sunday, September 14th at 9:45 a.m. To obtain registration forms, please call the church office at 781-444-1469. To learn more about our children’s education programs, go to the Learning section of the website or contact the Reverend Lynn Campbell.

Parish Cook-Out and Ministry Fair

Join us for our annual Cook-Out and Ministry Fair on September 28th at 11:15 a.m. (following the 10:00 a.m. service). Enjoy hot dogs, burgers, chips and salads, as we catch up with one another and learn about the many ministries that are a vital part of Christ Church. You will have a chance to chat with the leaders of Shelter Cooking, Circle of Hope, Knitting Ministry, and many other groups. Ask people what they love about the ministries they participate in and explore ways to get involved.

Welcome to New Program Year – Sunday, September 7

We welcome our new rector, The Reverend Nicholas Morris-Kliment, and his family to their new home at Christ Church and in Needham. We also welcome newcomers and parishioners as we start off our 2014/15 program year. Reverend Nick will celebrate the Eucharist and preach at the 10 a.m. service. Our celebration continues with a special coffee hour following the service, where we will meet and greet Nick and his family and re-connect with one another after the summer. Please note there will be no 8:15 a.m. service on this Sunday.