Easter Welcome

Grace and peace to you from Christ Church in Needham, Massachusetts. I am glad you have found your way to our website in time for Holy Week and Easter.

My name is Nick Morris-Kliment, and I’m the Rector—that’s Episcopal-speak for chief pastor—of this vibrant Christian community. On behalf of this congregation, welcome.

It is a joy and a privilege to invite you into Holy Week, the most important time of the Christian year.

We bring our own lives and the lives of the wider world into Holy Week. Spring is here; the Red Sox are launched into the post-Big Papi era; weddings, graduations and other new beginnings are on the horizon. Alongside this is deep political and cultural turmoil, where basic convictions about how we treat the stranger, the weak, and the vulnerable are under attack, and where the very definition of truth seems under siege. Our personal lives may be wearied by loss, illness, sorrow, or fear.

As we follow close to Jesus during the last week of his earthly life, our Holy Week worship brings us deep into the heart of this human condition, but more important, into the very heart of God.

Join us in worship to experience the power of God and community to heal and forgive. Because of the Resurrection of Jesus, we declare that brokenness does not have the final word. There is joy; there is hope; there is love. We can say with Mary at the Empty Tomb, “I have seen the Lord!”

Our Holy Week services are found on the home page of this website. Let us follow Jesus together to the foot of the Cross. Then, let us discover the empty tomb, and shout together with all our hearts, “The Lord is Risen indeed, alleluia!”