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Journey to Generosity


For the Fall 2017Annual Appeal, we are introducing options for online pledging and making or setting up your pledge payments. There are two options:

  1. Submitting a traditional pledge form online. You may make a pledge that will be fulfilled by submitting a check or cash (with identification such as a pledge envelope) by filling out and submitting the form below. This is exactly equivalent to filling out a paper pledge form. To fulfill your pledge, you will need to send in either check(s) or cash, or contact your bank to set up automatic withdrawals.


  1. Making and setting up payment for a pledge online. You may make your pledge and set up a payment schedule for it, or make a one-time payment, by going to our Online Pledge and Donations page. Payment(s) will occur automatically. You will need your banking information handy in order to enter it into the system. Click here


Please note:  This form will not be activated for use until beginning of Appeal – Oct. 15, 2017

To submit a traditional pledge form online, please fill out the form below:

Last name:_________________First Name:___________________________

Mailing Address:_________________________________________________


Home/Cell telephone #:__________________ Work telephone #_______________

Email address:____________________________________________________

I/we seek to live generously in support of Christ Church’s mission to love God and neighbor as Jesus teaches
and pledge to give

–weekly     –monthly –    -quarterly     –annually    $_______________ for a total of $___________

with a grateful heart for God’s boundless generosity.

___please send information on how to donate stock

__I already have or will set up payments with my bank

__ I would like collection envelope

click here to submit